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Atwater Elementary School

Winter 2018

ARCH304 / McGill University

Professor: Fabrizio Gallanti



The site of the project is located south of Atwater metro station in downtown Montreal. It is on the border of Little Burgundy and the Westmount Square. On the N-S axis, one side of the site, there are tall commercial centres, on the other side, there are low-rise residential buildings. We also determined two main axis of the site, which will indicate the position of the entrance to the school.


The building’s main concept is “Building as Playgrounds“. A school should have small places, large places, all sorts of secluded and semi-secluded places. Instead of approaching the design problem with creating massing models for programs, we started with what kind of experience we would like to create for the school kids.

By doing this, a narrative based on circulation was constructed. Two stairs and a ramp are evenly distributed in the building, plus creating social spaces around the circulation systems for a more inclusive and engaging environment. by thinking about We also want to explore the possibilities of creating dialogues between different levels in the building by constructing two atrium with offsets .

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