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Lachine canal community swimming pool

Fall 2018

ARCH405 / McGill University

Professor: Howard Davies



The site of the community swimming pool is right next to a linear running and biking track, Parc St-Patrick, which runs 16 km on both sides of Lachine Canal. The concept for Lachine Canal Community Swimming Pool project arises from analyzing the site conditions. The linear park itself is very active and vibrant, and our proposal is a continuation of the park as well as providing a “slow-down” zone for the activeness.


The two curves that make up the main form allows people to access the building through the middle entrance or simply provide a detour for their regular transit path. The prominent curve feature of the building is made of double-glazing curtain wall for people to have an outside-in experience. The building is split on the ground floor and connects on the second floor with a library and bleacher overlooking the pool area.

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